2 comments on “Post #4

  1. I like this video a lot. You utilized great camera angles throughout the commercial. Like when he he was running up the bleachers and you had a close up of his feet. Also, I like how you used some slow motion clips as well. Brought more emphasis on the piece. Great job!

  2. I am a marketing major, so any kind of advertisement really grabs my attention. I think you did an excellent job of not shoving the brand you were advertising down the throats of the viewers, but instead, portraying a subtle display of the Nike tagline, which is universally known, and demonstrating your theme of “Hard Work.” I think you have produced a good commercial advertisement for this Nike brand and the filming and music fit the area of interests really well. You also chose an excellent song as the background vocals, which played well with your overall message to viewers. Excellent job @EverythingNIKE!

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