3 comments on “Post #15

  1. Creative, I like It. I love golf well miniture golf thats is. So this looks likes it would be fun to test out and see how it holds up. Looks like SOmthing I would want to set up at work and play when we’re slow…lol anything to get the bored away. Hey do you let someone else try it out or did you just play it?

  2. This makes me want to come over and play putt-putt. Seriously, way to pull off the creativity. I like how you used your imagination to see ordinary objects around your room in a different way. It reminds me of when I was a kid, where we’d do things like use sticks as toy swords. Sometimes I forget about that part of my imagination, that child-like wonder for the world. This post reminds us of how important it is, and how we need to hold on to that. Oh yeah, bonus points for the windmill. That’s awesome.

  3. This is a really neat idea. Who says that you have to go to the put-put course and pay to play. This shows with a little creativity and a little time you can make your own. I wonder if it was hard for them to actually ring that cup. I would have liked to know what his score was, just for curiosity’s sake, was it harder than he thought it would be and did he think you were crazy for making your own course. Fun post I enjoyed reading it. Now I think I’ll make my own!

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