3 comments on “Post #19

  1. Well, as a new mixed media fan(since we were assigned the project), I like the layers you chose. I can definitely relate to the bus load of football players. It doesn’t look like it now, but I use to be a varsity cheerleader for my high school and after the games, riding the bus with a bunch of stinky football players was rough, but a great experience!

  2. I enjoy the layers and color design you chose for this! It gives me the feel of a comic book, and I love love love comics. When I saw the POW I thought of Batman, but when I saw the EHS my mind went to Etowah High School where I grew up. Etowah was one of the rival schools of my own and we were always at each other throats. I could see this in a comic being written like Etowah was trying to get rid of our football players.

  3. This is cool. I like all of the bright, happy, intense colors. I agree with 365eyes’ comment; I could see this being a comic book. Perhaps you could incorporate that idea with some more posts on here?

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