5 comments on “Post # 33

  1. Holy crap! Kyle, this is so sick!! I am totally jealous right now. This photo is freaking sweet and would be killer in a Nike website or magazine. You were definitely lucky to have that ring on your finger, and I’m sure people envy you because you were able to do so. Thanks for posting this! 🙂

  2. Hoooooolllllly Shit!!! That is amazing!! The fact you know someone with this is Amazing! I am so jealous! This is my Dad’s favorite team ever…The rarity of this ring makes it even more special…Wow…just wow

  3. Aww wow, this is actually pretty cool. The fact that you are able to try on a ring that has so much meaning is pretty cool! In order to obtain a ring such as that, I’m sure that one has to put in so much hard work and consistency. I’m sure that one ring means so much to him and his family, friends, and other people who have supported him to get to that goal. The ring is gorgeous and I’m sure that it is very pricey! Nevertheless, you being able to actually wear a ring like this is very impressive!

  4. I love the diamond cut of the ring. The fullness of the diamond finish makes the ring appear heavy, for the diamonds themselves look real and freshly polished. I also find it interesting that you know this man first hand. Make sure to train hard and do your best becuase that seems to be a definite for you for real. The ring is motivation enough!

  5. Wow, that is amazing. And an opportunity that most sports fans will never have. He must really trust you if he lets you put on a ring such as that one. If I knew a scout for the NFL, I’d feel like I need to start playing football for when women are allowed to play for the NFL.

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