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#HardWork Commercial

This is a commercial i made for Nike featuring my friend Quinton Washington. I switched the theme of my blog to art featuring Nike in some sort of way. This is my own twist of a Nike Ad and the concept of it is #HardWork. The hashtag is to incorporate the new age of social media that companies often use such as twitter. The easy part of this process was the filming part. The difficult part as is for all videos was the editing part. It took a while to cut the clips and rearrange them to make them flow properly and also with some of the slow motion clips.

Speed Drawing Video of Nike, Goddess of Victory

For this post I strayed away from my usual of just Nike the clothing brand. I looked through some other 365 projects and came across http://thedoodledaily.com/ . I decided to draw a picture of Nike, the goddess of victory which is the origin for the name of the company. I’m not a good drawer so it’s not something i would’ve originally thought of but the objective was to use interest from another project. But instead of just drawing I recorded the process and sped it up for a different viewing effect. Enjoy!

Life Size Nike Man, Sampson Jenkins

This post was inspired from the 365 Journal. The project was “Day 136: Create a life size using your clothes and/or whatever else you have at hand.” The materials I used were a pull up bar for the legs, a back pack for the torso, a skittles piggy bank for the neck, a mini helmets for the head, and as you can see the clothes head to toe are all Nike as it fits to my blog theme. His name is Sampson Jenkins.

Mixed Media Class Project

This is work from my mixed media project that was part of my group presentation. It relates to class because my art group did the research and presentation for mixed media. The background is a striped pattern piece of paper cut into a rectangle. The name at the top is my middle name that I often use instead of my first name, Kyle. The letters are felt stickers. The pow quotation, I used because it reminded me of a comic book. The sports concept of my blog is illustrated in the bus cutout sticker that I placed on the card. Its the bus for my high school football team, Escondido High School.

Just Eat It.

I got the idea for this post from the daily 365 Journal . The project is “Day 305: Transform a piece of advertising so that it has a new message”. I had this poster on my wall so I took a picture of it and edited it with text that reads “Just Eat It.” instead of the normal Nike slogan “Just Do It.” That was my own twist on the ad. The process included uploading the picture and using Microsoft Paint to be able to make the text box to add Just Eat It and then filling in the background with red. It is also an example of mixed media which my group covered in class.

Mini-Golf Project

This post was also inspired from the Daily 365 Journal. This project is “Day 265: Make a unique miniature golf hole in your home or outside and get someone to play it.” The materials used for this were a Riverpointe Apartments for the first ramp, a binder used for the tunnel, 4 pens that I connected to make a windmill, and cup with my name on it for the hole. Oh yeah, and check the shoes too.

In Class Painting

This painting/drawing was started in class after the paint group presentation. At first it was just the head because that’s all I finished in class, but then I finished with the drawing of the body. The boy is wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey and Kobe Bryant shoes. The project was also inspired by the Daily 365 Journal ” Day 350: have someone else start something and then complete it yourself today.” I did the head in class and then finished the body on my own.

Artist Statement

Approach to my projects:

The approach to my blog posts have taken different forms week to week. I wouldn’t say that there is a definite process that I follow every week, which might be the case for other blogs I visit in class week to week. Sometimes I get my inspiration from my own creative mind and others I use the 365 creativity journal or make something that relates to an art form we talked about in class. The only thing that I make sure remains constant is my theme of Nike/ sports. If I have enough time I like to create something for people to watch to share my vision.

My Creative Process:

I have never really considered myself as an artist. My whole life even as a child I was not into drawing, playing instruments or anything like that. I always liked real life things so I consider my creative process to be visual. I think this process works for me because I’m a visual learner also and like to see things how they are. I think the class that brought out my creativity the most was my video production class my sophomore year in high school. It allowed me the freedom to create things I saw in my head and put them in video from for others to see. In that class is where I had the first opportunity to put my imagination out for others to see. It also caused me to take my interest in video production and become a mass communications major. My creative writing courses that I have took in college have improved my writing skills and help me realize that I would want a career that included writing such as sports journalism or broadcasting. In this class I would like to discover and unlock creativity that I have may hidden inside me and not had a place to exert it before.

With my passion for everything sports, I feel that they have always been my main focus. With any given sport being an art form of its own, I spent many years trying to better myself at my art. That includes countless practices, weight training, and various camps to help my art become better. I used to watch Youtube videos of my favorite players at my position to try to emulate their moves and techniques. I also feel that every athlete can relate also. I think that when people create their image it is a creative process also. There are certain clothes, shoes, hairstyles, etc, that people choose to create how they appear. In my eyes, every profession has its own creative process no matter how not art-like it may seem. A teacher has a certain process that they go by. So does a doctor and many other professions. In parenting, people have different processes in how they raise and discipline their children. Each different parent household uses different techniques from everything to molding their behavior, deciding what they eat, what activities they do, and treat them overall. I also see a lot of creative process in marketing and advertising as companies have to find creative ways to appeal to the masses and sell their product.

In the world of art, imagination and creativity are often major factors in creating something. In the real world we are often constricted to the sometimes boring realities and it is up to artists to break that barrier and present want our minds thirst to see but can’t. Paul Valery, a French poet, essayist, and philosopher had similar views to this and even shared them in a quote:

“A painter should not paint what he sees but what should be seen.” –Paul Valery.

I agree with his words because art is made to give people something that their mind wants. Speaking specifically on the quote, how many people want a painting of something they see every day? Speaking for myself I know I wouldn’t because if I see it every day I could just have a picture of it. For paintings, I would want something that is in my imagination of in the imagination of the artist. Something that is portrayed how I want it to, not how it is which most of the time is worse. I also find the truth in this when I think about self-portraits. Painted self-portraits are never made as how the person really is but they are made to show no flaws or imperfections of the painting subject. They are shown how the person feels they should be seen than what the actual reality is.

A painter’s creative process also has a lot to do with what Valery’s words say. In the painters mind, he or she may see things differently than how they are. Thus, the painting is created from the vision in their mind and how they want other people to see it as well. This creative process differs from the other main visual art which is photography. In photography, the images are only as how they look in real life and what the normal eye is able to view. Sometimes I feel what reality shows us is not what we are supposed to see. For example, if there is a negative image, a painter can change it in his own mind to create what we want to see instead of that bad image. For a painter like Picasso who did a lot of abstract art, his creative process may have included portraying real life images to what he felt they should looked like. He may have felt that people were distorted which would explain his images where his subjects had out of place body parts.

I think the quote of Valery can also apply to a movie director. I say this because one movie script will read exactly the same to anyone who reads it but it is up to the director to bring it to life in the most creative way and how he or she feels how the script should be viewed on film. This can explain why different versions of the same movie are better than others because of how the director shows the material to the audience.

I agree with Paul Valery’s quote: “A painter should not paint what he sees but what should be seen” because I feel it is part of the creative process of the artist to show people how things should be instead of their sometimes boring reality. I believe that what Valery says also applies to every other genre of art. Whether it be video, music, writing, poetry, sculpting, or teaching the artist or person performing makes their product not always in conventional form but instead how they see it. I can say that in my projects for my blog posts this also applied to me.

Videos I Made:

The two videos I made for this 365 project are the result of the vision I had and got onto video to share with others. My favorite one is the #Hardwork Nike basketball commercial because I felt that I took something common and was able to make it into my own. I felt the speed drawing one was unique because of two things: how I made it appear after editing and the history behind the subject of the drawing. Most people don’t know the history of the name, “Nike” or the swoosh so I was glad to share with the class that it comes from, Nike, the Greek goddess of victory and that the swoosh represents her wings. And then when I sped up the video it presents a good visual to see the whole process from start to finish with a nice background instrumental.

Other Processes:

The other projects that I selected have either been inspired by the Daily 365 Creativity Journal or group art presentations from class. The journal has been a big help from when I hit a thinking block on what to create next for my blog. And as for the themes from group presentations I just take what we do in class and add my own twist to it to make sure it matches the theme of my blog. Some are harder than others to match but I think I have done a good job at doing so.



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