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This picture is so life like that its kind of scary. I like the second effect because it makes it look movie-like in a dramatic fashion. This lake seems to produce a lot of good images also.

I don’t know what burnt asteroids taste like but I think I’ll have to pass on them. I would suggest food channel for the next batch lol. I like the fact that you pointed out that it’s a step in ur creative process because just like art not everything turns out how you want it.

I like how this picture captues the motion of the water. The crashing of the water showed in a still image makes the hard motion in a peaceful way. I also where this is so I can maybe check it out one day.

I like how in this picture the out line of the fan is cutting through the darkness. The contrast is perfect for the theme of the blog because I feel that the black background is the soft, and the white of the fan showing through is the hard.

This takes me back to my childhood, buying those kits and making eggs the night before Easter. It also reminds me of the terrible smell of vinegar. I miss going on Easter egg hunts but I made sure I got my candy this year. Thanks for taking me back to the good ol days with this post.

This picture reminds me of one of those lakes in a scary movie. Like one of the ones college kids go to for vacation and never make it out alive. Looking at this picture I can just imagine someone or something coming out the water or backs of the woods.

This picture just made me hungry right now and it looks delicious. Although I think I would need a bigger portion for myself lol. If I need to make dinner one night I’ll be sure to look up the recipe.

I like how in this picture there are so many things in it to add up to the total picture. The main thing that sticks out is of course is the palm tree in the front. Then there is the horizon, the people on shore, and the water. It is like a layer of things that combine to make the total scene of the beach. It looks like it can be used on a postcard, or better yet, a blog post lol.

I like this picture mostly because I can relate to it. I remember driving by where all these ducks are at and having to slam on my brakes to wait for a line of geese or ducks to pass by. Its also a good picture that focuses on the goose and leaves a slightly blurred background. I like that effect.

This picture definitely reminds me of spring break or any other vacation time for obvious reasons. The thing I like about this picture is the layers around the cups and limes because they remind me of ripples in the water when you make a splash. I also like how you held it up against the light to bring out the colors even more. I’m also curious as to what the salt crystals are: Are they paint or is it another material added on to the painting? Either way another great project.

This being a palm tree it caught my attention right away because it reminded me of all the palm trees at home in San Diego. It also caught my attention because I would never think to make something out of such simple materials. I think the best part about it is the pipe cleaner used to make the palm tree leaves because it looks like it was difficult to tie it up like that. It is amazing at how creative one can be given everyday items found in the kitchen.

The best part of this picture is what you mentioned in the caption, the fact that you can’t see the person that is holding the lights. It looks like an illusion because of how the camera captures the movement of the lights. At first sight I think of colorful ram’s horns floating through a party. I like how this image came out, even the ones in the back which are less focused on but still stand out.

I see that this pinterest site has gained a lot of popularity so one day I guess I will have to check it out. I notice you have a common design of trees in all of your art so I find the consistency interesting. This piece looks like a good project for kids in art class and the colors for some reason remind me of the hot dog on a stick place in the mall food court. I enjoy your tree artwork you post every week.

I think its interesting all of the things you find from this pinterest site. This reminds me of being a little kid and playing with the food on my plate and making things with it. It also reminds me of the candy apples you see at candy stores covered in caramel (even though this is peanut butter).

I’ve been seeing this all week and I’ve wondered what is was for. It looks difficult but I think I would try it just to say I did it. i think its cool that you captured this event. I also seen the running guy with the flag the other day when I was driving down Maple Street.

I love your son’s high top and also my favorite sesame street character is Elmo. Its funny that you said he’s scared of Oscar the grouch and recognizes his bad presence but its also sad for Oscar because no one likes him. It also reminds me of when I was little because I can remembering being glued to the TV listening to Elmo talk to me and thinking he was my real friend. And of course the sun brings the focus to the computer screen and Elmo which properly fits the theme of your blog.

Mixed media team ! I also did a mixed media post and after our presentation i consider myself a sort of mixed media expert. Not only does this piece demonstrate the art of mixed media but it also gives grammar lessons so we all know how to pronounce mother. It is also a nice definition. The card looks like it could be hung up in a mother’s house.

The best part of this picture is the wordplay on the title. The shadow captured in the picture from the cube is perfect to me because it looks like it could be used for advertising or something in a magazine. With the colors not being aligned, it also gives the picture a more natural look rather than being arranged for a pose. Another thing that stands out is the wood grain in the desk, which gives such a simple picture yet another detail. And the clarity of the picture gives away that it is most likely a DSLR camera. Overall nice picture.

I found the contrast you describe in the picture very interesting. The irony of an emergency post not having good upkeep makes it why its kind of funny. Although I’m sure it stills works. It’s also interesting that you found this because I’ve probably walked by this a million times and never even noticed it.

This story relates to a lot of things we as kids ask our parents and they don’t have the answers to. We expect them to know the answers to everything but they don’t want their kids to know they don’t have the answer. So a lot of times we are answered with the “because” or “I said so” response. And when you said “I knew I had touched a nerve” I could picture her with a puzzled look and not having a response because I’ve seen this on my parents’ faces before. This is just one of the questions we will never know as parents either.

As a sports fan I always enjoy the action shots in sports. I like this one because it reminds me of the MLB logo. Also coming form my former baseball playing days this is perfect form for batting with the front toe pointing forward and the back foot rotated. You can also see how the arm muscles are strained in the swing of a bat. Even though the action shot is great, you can also see the people in the background, some looking like they’re into it and some looking like they’re forced to be there.The only mystery is if he it or not and if he did, how far?

I like this picture because it looks just like one of the ones you see in TIME magazine when they do the best images of the year. With President’s Day being Monday the post seems like almost perfect timing. I also like how the focus is on the man and the picture and the background is kind of off focus. It makes the viewer focus on what the photographer’s purpose is.

kjmcfaddensays: February 19, 2012 at 12:09 pm

The picture of the baby with the sun around it reminds me of the teletubbies. Its also interesting to see how you incorporate a sun into different projects and I relate to this picture because of my baby sister. I also like the bib which I think says “Mommy’s Stan” which comes from Eminem’s song. I guess this picture just reminds me of a lot of things.

kjmcfadden Says: February 19, 2012 at 6:00 pm

In this picture I like how the background is almost three dimensional and the colors are drawn to a center point. I have also started to look into the 365 for project ideas and like how you incorporated that into your piece. The S also stands out because it stands for a certain meaning and it has the same look as the branches on the tree.

kjmcfadden on February 13, 2012 at 2:52 amsaid:

The thing I like about this project in this is the spectrum look how the colors go from the dark end to the light end with the paint to match. I also like the message in the middle and the meaning for it in the description. Stuff like this takes me back to childhood where making art was a daily thing.

kjmcfadden Says: February 12, 2012 at 5:18 pm

I don’t know if everyone does but I always look at something starting from the top down so when I noticed the hearts as leaves that was really unique. Then as I got down I seen that “Love grows” spells out the roots that represent a growing love. It also has a personal meaning to me also because me and my girlfriend are about to have our first valentine’s together. I also love coming to your artwork because every week I see a different way a tree can be portrayed.

on February 12, 2012 at 9:59 pmsaid:

I like this picture not for the event that happened but everything that represents what was there before the earthquake. You can see the dolls that let you know it was small children that were affected. There is a flag that represents our country’s unity when disaster strikes. There is also a table that is visible in the back that represents the family that lived there. All of these things that show what used to be but were affected by the tornado is what makes the capturing of this image good.

on February 3, 2012 at 5:08 pm said:

My grandma also is very into her garden she has and home and being around her I know she gets frustrated when things don’t always go as planned. I think its funny with the demanding sign talking to the plants to do what every gardener wants. I could very easily see this posted in anyone’s garden along side a scare crow or something like that.

February 3, 2012 at 12:04 pm

I really like this picture because it reminds me of my favorite Disney movie, Finding Nemo, and the aquarium that Nemo is forced to live in on P.Sherman 42 wallaby way. It also seems as if the fish was posing in fornt of her house like MTV cribs which I thought was funny. And as for breaking stride on your project I thought it was a creative way to show a different world than our real world that sometimes is so hard to be creative in.

on February 3, 2012 at 4:59 pm said:

The first thing I noticed about this picture was the contrasting images of the houses knocked down and the man standing up. It sends a message that even though something was knocked down we can get back up. Also at first glance it reminds me of the images of 9/11 when the towers and debris were all over the streets and the firefighters and other volunteers were standing up ready to get things back to normal. This was good to be able to capture the images of defeat and recovery at the same time.


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