Other assignments

Constraints Poem

The Frog

The frog a very lumpy guy

Kiss his dog and get a black eye

Hug his mom and he will bite you

Wave at his sis and he’ll bruise your wrist

The lumpy guy lived in brown mud

Lady frogs called him a hot stud


Tough green guy with a bubble throat

His big eyes red when he would smoke

He had a hat made of leather

And a sharp cool wife name Heather

She was not a frog but a dog

Hard to believe unless you see


A famous guy seen on TV

He had a cane and yelled “WB!”

Not old but he would swing his cane

His best friend was Newan Bruin

They ate Teddy grahams and Smacks

Yes they were some wavering cats

-Kyle McFadden





Week 4 Poem

“Pine Valley Glen”

As we were kids we thought we were so cool

Me and my buddies walking to school

Riding bikes and playing ball

You were my home

Ever since I was waiting to get tall

Got a lil older with my cap n’ gown

I’m sorry to leave you

But its time to leave town

Gotta move on to something

2,000 miles away I’ll always remember you

Now I’m grown in a new place

No one knows me and I’m a new face

No more bikes or playing ball

Just books and homework, no fun at all

Now I’m no longer 13

My new home is Maple Street

Newspaper Assignment

I chose a newspaper article that deals with a subject lingering for some years now, but caused more stir in the past fall of 2011. With the passing of legendary Penn State football coach, a topic of “what will people be remembered for?” is brought to the surface. Will people be remembered for the good things they have done throughout their life, a main event they went through, or the last thing they did before their death? In many cases one negative event can overshadow one’s lifetime of good. When it comes to celebrities it becomes an even bigger issue. For example do you remember Michael Jackson as all the great art he put out or for his cases in his later years? Joe Paterno faced a quick downfall after his program was exposed of a child abuse sex scandal that took place in the football facilities. Bill Dwyre of the L.A. Times states, “Unless there is a dramatic reversal of information forthcoming in the Sandusky case, Paterno’s inaction is a legacy-killer.” The article compares Joe Paterno being fired after the scandal and dying shortly after to other coaches who have been through scandals but have had time to redeem their reputation. Dwyre brings out the point that our country is a forgiving society as long as there is time to heal the wounds and facts to disprove things

While the article focuses on one case of one man, the broader subject is something more common that happens in the world all the time. The article suggests that people will be remembered for the bad things they have done unless they have had time to redeem themselves. In my opinion, people’s positive accomplishments in life should not be tainted by one bad thing they have done. I believe that people’s emotions will be the deciding factor in determining how they feel about this subject because although he is the face of a university and changed the landscape of college football, children were harmed. As stated earlier, America is a place that likes to forgive and give second chances.

The article can be read here: http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-0124-dwyre-joe-paterno-20120124,0,3589532.column

Beauty In Nature Assignment

I picked this image because it is one of my main reminders of home in San Diego, California. It is one of the places in nature that makes California so desirable; The long stretches of sand along the coast and blue waves constantly crashing on the shore, and of course the constant sunshine that occurs at the time I took the picture. An artistic quality I found in this picture is the layers of color. At the top it starts with the light blue of the sky. Then  a level down is the dark thin sliver of Pacific Ocean in the distance. Then closer to the shore you can see the white of the crashing waves near the shore. The final layer closest to the camera is the tan and lumpy sand full of foot prints and sea shells.

With no one being visible in the picture it gives the sense that the ocean is a vast place where not many people roam but the bright sun shine beaming down and sand makes it more inviting for people to come where the shore and big blue ocean meet at. I believe that more mediums other than just plain photography could be used to represent this scene. For example video of the waves coming in then the water washing back out or including the sound of the water. Also another view of whats behind me and the camera to see all of the people that are gathered and playing at the beach.


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